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How To Do Quote Text in Discord 

As we always find solutions to almost all kinds of difficulties that people might be facing in Discord, it has also been brought to our notice that most people have also been finding it difficult in relation to Discord quoting that is why you are seeing this article on how to quote text in discord. 

How to do quote text on Discord is one of the guys we are going to be sharing with you today so as to help you get what you are getting wrong or what you find challenging to get when making use of Discord. 

If you don’t know how to quote text on Discord then we are going to help you out on how you can do it and get it to work for you. 

It’s one of the features that most Discord users would like to make use of on Discord. 

We are going to share with you the easy ways that can help you code someone’s text on Discord. 

What You Need To Know About Quoting Text On Discord 

When a text is turned into blockquote that means you are quoting on Discord. 

Most people said it is a kind of way of providing a reference which is mostly seen in any statement or sentence. 

Likewise quote on this card allows you to turn text into a quote 

You might find it difficult to reply to specific messages on Discord when you are engaging with people in a particular Discord server group chat. 

This is where quotes come to make things easy for users who reply or would like to reply to a particular long text message. 

It helps users to tell which text messages they are responding to or replying to. 

Which day is one of the major reasons that most people would like to see their self-quoting text on Discord. 

How To Quote Text In Discord 

You are able to quote text on Discord when you make use of the syntax for a single line block code likewise syntax for multi-line block quotes can also be made use of for longer text and for shorter text. 

The syntax that we are referring to is > for shorter text and >>> for longer text which demonstrates how you can make use of it with the provided below. 

If that can be done or you can coach any texts all you need to do is copy and paste the text you want to quote in the chat box make use of the syntax presented at the start of the text and press the space button. 

Once that is done you can now click on the shifts and enter a button three times on your keyboard which you can then start typing your only application after the quote has been done. 

Quoting text can only be done on the desktop version of Discord, which is the only place you can make use of the syntax. 

The longer text quote syntax and the shorter text quote syntax can be used in different ways.

If the text you want to coat has multiple line breaks then you will make use of longer quote syntax and vice versa with the shorter line syntax. 

How To Quote Text in Discord Using Single Line Blockquote Syntax 

The single-line block quote is the first blockquote you can use to quote any test on Discord. 

We already made mention of the syntax above that is >.

So if you want to quote any text first thing you need to do is to type the syntax in the front of the text he would like to quote. 

And the text should be no line breaks or it must not contain any line breaks. 

Once you add the syntax to the front of the sentence from there it will turn to a quote. 

If your text has any line breaks the section where the line breaks or call sentences will not be turned into quotes from there. 

This process can also be done in use and reply to any messages. 

Just press on the text messages you want to reply to, copy and paste it on the text box, and in front of the text apply the single lines syntax >.

You can then press the shift + enter button three times so as to start with all responses to the quote message before you can send it. 

You should make use of the single line quote when the text does not have line breaks and for short sentences likewise when you want to reply to any specific sentence or message. 

If the text has multiple line breaks you should not use a single-line block quote and if you have a very long sentence single-line block quote should not be used if you wish to reply to an entire text message you shouldn’t use this syntax as well. 

How to Do Quote Text On Discord Using Multi-Line Syntax 

The SIM card that has been provided for multi-line block code has also been mentioned above. 

Which >>> can be used for a longer text message to be quoted, and when you have a multi-line block quote containing more than one line break. 

Once you implement the syntax on the text any text behind or after the line break will be quoted. 

You can type your response under the quote once you eat on the shift plus enter the button three times. 

You can just start typing your own reply or response which is always recommended to quote only the text you want to reply to on Discord in a specific chat or server

The message will be presented in such a way that the user knows you are responding to their messages. 

Inditex is much more than the quote will be presented in Multiple parts. 

You can now select from the party you are specifying in the messages. 

You can reply to a specific message once you click and hold that particular message and click on reply. 

This will help you tag the user username at once and you can use the multi-line block code syntax to place a quote on their test you can now use the shift plus enter button three times and then start typing your reply or respond to the text. 

Bottom Line

When a lot of requests have been made about these features, discuss with consideration that you don’t need to go through any for distress and help you to carry out quoting on Discord. 

In the near future, you should be able to do that with just a click of a button or option so as to get things done. 

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