Fortnite Discord Server Link & Scrim

If you have been looking around and I’ve been searching for a Fortnite discord server link that comes with scrims then you are on the right foot pain because in this place we are going to be showing you how you can get from their official discord server

Apart from getting the main discord server link, you will be able to lay your hand on Fortnite discord server creams which is what most people have been searching for and what they would like to know how they can learn their hand on. 

If you don’t know what Fortnite is, we are going to share with you some other things and get some little knowledge about the name and mostly why people have been searching for their Discord server. 

About Fortnite

Fortnite with their official website is a battle royale game that has been provided on most mobile devices. Once you get to their website you will get to see different varieties of games on their website that range from Pirate Tycoon, Halloween Euro murderer mystery, and so on. 

The Dave and developer that sent the epic games have been certified by major gaming platforms like PS5 vs Xbox X Series Nintendo Switch PC games and so on which is where most of the games that are provided on this platform work. 

Epic game and makes it possible to provide Fortnite to last result for the PS4 battle pass that is now available but the main of this article is to provide you with a Fortnite discord server link which has been some major reason why most people have been searching for their server link. 

Asset when this article was created, Fortnite’s official discord server has been verified on this course that you can join for free they have 200,000 online now and over 900,000 members. 

Once you click here you will be able to join the Fortnite Discord server which is their official Discord server link. 

Fortnite Discord Server Link & Scrim

They have different kinds of channels that are provided on their discord server which include the Welcome channel, discord update channel, Fortnite news channel announcement channel fornite status channel, and so on. 

But you were able to join if you were directed to their welcome channel which will show you how to contact the moderation team and see some of the major rules you will need to follow on the discord server. 

A warm-up message will be sent to you in which you are recommended to check their rules on the #rule channel and also check out this cost of service or discuss the tense of service so as not to abide by them. 

Follow up with some new Fortnite games with a direct download link to see epic games under Fortnite. 

The Fortnite discord server welcome message will also provide you with the latest Fortnite news. A welcome message is provided for that. 

After you have checked around you will be provided to know if you are looking for a group that states that you can locate other members of the community to play Fortnite on their LFG channel organized for game mode in different regions. 

But the channel is said to be locked until you select a region you are based in. 

Follow up with the Battle Royale creative save world community and so on which is some kind of thing you should say on the first official Fortnite Discord server. 

Then we would like to share with you some of the regular rules you should find on the Fortnite discord server once you join. 

Fortnite Discord Server Rules 

You mean welcome to the Fortnite discord server rules which you are expected to follow their community rules and guidelines if you fail to follow such action will be taken against him which might include you being banned from accessing their server. 

It has also been stated that Epic game policies are applicable to all actions that have to be carried out on their discord server. 

According to some of the rules you will also need to follow their discourse guidelines terms. 

Demodulator teams do their work by monitoring the environment of their discord server in case any violation of their rooms or any incident occurs. 

Some of the rules include:

Members are encouraged to chat & make friends, but attempts to exclude community members or seek/form parties based on a player’s race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, national origin, and any other affiliation is prohibited

No spamming

No long passages of text that disrupt the flow of discussion, including excessive use of emojis, discord-formatting, unnecessary bot commands, capital letter messages, screen flooding, copy & paste chain-letter messages, and empty space messages.

Do not discuss Hacking/Cheating

The distribution of links or information related to prohibited software on our server is not allowed.

Do not discuss methods to exploit the fair and competitive nature of Fortnite.

No advertising, self-promotion or general solicitation of any kind
Do not advertise third-party services, including referral schemes.

Recruitment posts for clans and teams are not permitted.

No advertising or links to other Discord Servers. No unsolicited DMs or ads to other members.

Do not advertise tournaments or contests of any kind with the exception of events officially announced by EPIC games.

No giveaways.

No scamming
Do not link scam websites, encourage other members to break the rules, or purposely mislead or trick members.

Do not attempt to impersonate/roleplay moderators or staff. We encourage players to help each other, but do not impersonate game support/tech support.

Do not solicit for free items
Please do not ask for V-Bucks, money, vouchers/codes, handouts, or requests for Fortnite outfits or the seasonal Battle Pass.


All chat rules apply to Voice chat. Please note that we are currently unable to monitor voice channels at all times.

Have you been able to lay your hand on the Fortnite discord server link so number to always check back for any discord server link you are searching for? 

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