How To Go Back To Old Discord Mobile UI In 2024

Will just come back with another discord solution which has been brought to our notice that people are finding it difficult to get it done and in his slotting less than how to go back to the old discord mobile UI in 2024.

So this particular method is the method we are going to share with you that we work for you to go back to the old discord mobile UI in 2024.

Due to the reason that discord has changed their layout for mobile design and that is bringing a lot of doubt for people whether they should make use of the new UI or they should still stick with the old UI. 

It was said that the new UI was coming into life or was coming to be available due to the feedback that they got from users on what they should implement and what they should not implement later give a result of the new discord UI in 2024.

It was said that the better version or better test version of the UI design should have been released before it should be made official but seems Discord failed to get that done. 

This is one of the reasons why most people seem to want to move back to the old UI that they are familiar with. 

Most people have already been complaining about the new UI design that Discord has just implemented you will see once you update the Discord application on your mobile device. 

So now is the best time to show you how you can get this done and see your old discord without any further thinking. 

How To Go Back To Old Discord UI For Mobile 

You just have to follow a few steps then you should be able to move back from the new Discord mobile UI to the old mobile UI. 

  1. Go straight to the Discord mobile application on your smartphone. 
  2. Then proceed to click on the You icon
  3. Call that from the list of options click on settings and look at the top right corner of your screen so as to see the settings option. 
  4. On the settings option, you need to navigate to appearance. 
  5. Do you get to the appearance section? What else is to make sure that synchronization across clients is turned on. 
  6. Which is stated as sync across clients on the discord app so proceed to turn it on. 
  7. If you refuse to turn these settings on the mobile UI that you want to implement or want to change may not reflect on your smartphone. 
  8. After you have got this done, now go to your personal computer. 
  9. Open any web browser on your computer or PC. 
  10. Then visit the Discord official app design for personal computer browsers. 
  11. The site is from there you can now proceed to log into your Discord account. 
  12. After you get to the discord main menu once you log in. 
  13. You will need to open a console tab still on your browser using the following command. 
  14. For Windows use ctrl+shift+I and click that on your keyboard. 
  15. For Mac OS (MacBook)  Command+Option+J should be implemented on your keyboard too. 
  16. Then the console Tab will open and you will need to paste the following code in it. 
  17. Get the code from the page provided here copy and paste it.
  18. After you paste the code on the console tab you can now click on enter or return button on your keyboard. 
  19. Then we change the discord mobile UI or layout to the old version you want on your smartphone. 

Apart from that if you still wish to make use of the new discord UI for mobile you can use the following steps that we are about to share with you below. 

How To Change To New UI For Discord Mobile 

All you need to do is to follow the steps. The few steps are just small steps you need to follow to change back to the new Discord mobile UI. 

  • Go to your main menu on your phone and select the Discord application. 
  • Then click on the You tab and select Appearance from the option. 
  • Then the synchronize across client option that you turned on earlier can now turn it off. 
  • Then you should be provided with the new discord mobile UI as your layout which you can use to compare the new UI and the Old UI

Have we helped you fix the discord solution or discord issue that you are facing with your discord application? If so, do so to always come back to our website to look for more discord-related issues or problems you might be facing. 

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