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BetterDiscord Crash? Here’s How To Fix

If you have been looking for a lucrative way how to fix a betterdiscord crash then you have just learned yourself on your right full page. 

The better Discord crash might occur whenever you are trying to make use of Discord. 

It’s an error message that triggers a warning that betterdiscord seems to be being crashed. 

This might let betterdiscord disable itself automatically temporarily and try to restart this call by removing the plugin. 

The crashes that you might notice or get on betterDiscord are mostly caused by a particular plugin which one you run from update on a plug-in it might not seem to be compatible with. 

So one of the best solutions you can use to fix this issue or problem on betterDiscord is to delete the plug-in or disable it so as to know which one is causing the issue. 

If the betterDiscord was disabled, that might prevent you from seeing the settings, which is better to know how you can fix the betterdiscord crash that we are about to share with you by answering your question. 

BetterDiscord Crash Issues: Common Problems and How To Fix

If you wish to fix the betterdiscord crash issue then you won’t stop reading this article or you will like to read this article to the end. 

Which as we said earlier is more likely being caused by a plug-in and you can just delete the plugin by navigating to the application folder. 

Proceed to delete the plug-in that is causing the issue which you can then repair the BetterDiscord by using the installer. 

Once you delete the plug-in you can now go ahead to open your Discord and that should repair the better Discord crash issue. 

After you go ahead to open your discord you might get a notification to update one or more plugins you can proceed with or you should not try to update this plugin which might bring up the betterdiscord crash issue again. 

What you recommend you should do is to wait for another update of such a plugin that will get it fixed and stop the betterdiscord Crash or you can just proceed to delete the betterDiscord with the plug-in and reinstall it so as to see if it will solve the issue or problem. 

A backup of the plugin should be made before you add it to betterDiscord but if your plug-in is not more than true then there is no need to back them up. 

Steps To Follow To Fix BetterDiscord Crash

We are going to be making a step-by-step guide that can help you all that you can follow so as to fix the better this so-called crash issue you are getting which includes deleting the plugin by navigating to the discord folder. 

Locate The BetterDiscord Folder: A Step-by-Step Guide 

The first thing you need to do is to locate the betterdiscord folder on your computer which we are making the step-by-step guide. 

You will need to search for %appdata% using the Windows search bar. 

You will be presented with the %appdata% folder. 

Then click on the folder to open it. 

After you click on the folder you should be navigated to a roaming folder. 

On roaming you should be provided with different folders provided by different applications.

The folder that you will need to locate is the betterdiscord folder. 

This will help you to delete the plugin and click on betterDiscord so as to open the betterdiscord folder. 

Resolving Issues by Removing Troublesome Plugins

Once you click on the BetterDiscord so as to open the folder. 

And the folder has been open on the least of these for that you should be provided with different order folders. 

You will be provided with a plug-in for the follow-up with some others like Cache,blod_storage, and more. 

Just proceed by selecting a plugin for the better betterdiscord. 

Once you open the further you’ll be provided with the list of plugins that you have had to discord. 

What is BetterDiscord issue caused by one of the plug-ins or more? 

From the least, you can select and delete the plug-in or remove the plug-in that is causing the crash issue. 

According to our discovery and notice it has been brought to notice that library plugins are the ones causing the crash issue mostly. 

Some of these plug-ins include ZerePluginLibrary and OBDFBD. 

You can just go right to delete any of the library plugins you have. 

You can delete one or two of the plugins by selecting the plugin clicking on it and using the delete option button. 

If you want to delete all your plugins then it is recommended to create a backup file or backup copy of this folder before you proceed to delete them. 

Once you have deleted search plugins then the crashing issue should be fixed. 

Which you will not need to install and repair betterdiscord later. 

You can use the better Discord installer to install or download it. 

This link can help you to download and install the betterdiscord. 

Once the download has been completed you cannot go ahead to open the betterDiscord installer and install it again. 

BetterDiscord Repair;  Troubleshooting and Fixes

After you download the better Discord installer you will need to run it so as to repair it using the link provided above. 

Then once the installer has started running, the first thing you need to do is to accept the license agreement. 

You can now type or select the next button so as to move to the next step. 

Choose the action you want to proceed with and click on next. 

From the actions listed the one you are selecting is repaired betterdiscord. 

Click on it and use the next button to proceed. 

Once the repair better discord option has been selected you will need to select the discord version. 

From the leads to be provided with three discord versions that you can select from. 

Discord, Discord Canary, Discord PTB are on the list. 

Since we are making use of Discord then what you need to select is Discord. 

Lastly, you cannot proceed to click on the repair button so as to start repairing the betterdiscord. 

Resolving Issues: Reinstalling BetterDiscord And Restarting Discord 

Once you select the repair option on betterDiscord start repairing it. 

You should see a pop-up message that should appear on your screen. 

Which you will be notified that the repair has been done and you will need to reinstall the betterdiscord. 

Select the yes option so as to re-install betterdiscord. 

You should not be provided with another pop-up message stating to relaunch Discord manually so as to finish the repair. 

Use the ok button to finish the installation process. 

Once BetterDiscord has been installed what you need to do next is to go ahead to reopen your discord

Close the Discord app if you have it open already. 

Make sure it also stops running in the background. 

This can be done by using the command button on your keyboard CTRL + ALT + DEL

Right-click on the discord application and select the end task. 

In this way, this course has been closed completely on your device. 

You cannot proceed to reopen the discourse so as to complete the repair by following a process betterDiscord crash issue has been fixed. 

Then you will get a notification providing you with info so as to update a plug-in. 

As we said earlier do not update the plugin because once you trigger the update better discord crash will occur again. 

You can just update the plugin once the issue or another updated version of the plug-in has been provided. 

Once you reach this stage you have just learned how to fix betterDiscord crash that you have been finding where to get it fixed. 

In Summary 

As we all know betterdiscord makes the functionality of Discord to be extended. 

Which provides a present Discord with additional functions like providing it with some things and different plugins. 

One of the best ways that you can use to fix the betterdiscord crash issue is to go ahead to delete that particular plugin that is making it crash. 

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