FCMB Wincity Promo: Spin and Win Cash Plus Free Airtime 

Here is another spin and win promo that has just been out just like other promos but this was actually set out by FCMB and it was tagged FCMB Wincity Promo.

If you have come across different spin and win promos before like the mtn spin and win opera spin and win, and so on, this shouldn’t be new to you. 

The FCMB spin and win promo is the new latest way that can help you win free cash prizes and airtime respectively. 

FCMB Wincity (Spin And Win)  Promo

Here’s another promo that has been set aside by fcmb which was called Wincity promo and is currently ongoing that is specifically created by the bank to reward certain users or some of their customers that are active. 

You can partake in this fcmb spin and win a promo that can help you with some cash prizes like airtime and others. 

If you are one of the hottest members of one of their active customers I mean one of the fcmb active customers you should actually know that the bank usually comes up with different ways to surprise their customers with cash prizes. 

We are going to be discussing the FCMB Wincity promo that has been going on already and it’s nowhere to be brought to your notice which is another Freeway to end free airtime and money from FCMB. 

FCMB Spin And Win Promo

The fcmb winner win promo is what most people will call when City promo which is a million lira campaign that has been set aside for fcmb in active member to partake in the contest. 

This has been promptly provided to show users who carry out a certain transaction back on their FCMB app and you will stand a chance by winning some cash prizes or reward when you visit the winCity promo page after you carry out some task. 

You can win different kinds of cash prizes or get some Rewards like time and also win real money. 

The spinner wheel then is designed to help you select your cash price randomly and you will pick from the list if either you win something or you win nothing. 

So you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that you are a winner or a loser. 

But before that, there are some things you need to carry out like doing some transactions before you can get access to the winCity promo page and spin the wheel where your fcmb app is. 

What I Need To Do Before I Can Access The FCMB Wincity Promo Page.

If you need to carry out some transactions on the fcmb app like

  • Bank Transfer (Inter and Intra)
  • Purchase data and airtime. 
  • And make payments for bills. 

I want to carry out any of this transaction and you should be granted access to the winCity promo page. 

You can now go ahead to spin the wheel and you should be a lucky winner by winning some amazing cash prizes when you spin your wheel. 

How To Partake On The FCMB Spin And Win (Wincity)  Promo

The first thing to put into consideration is to be a member or have an FCMB account. 

Follow by downloading the mobile app and login your fcmb account to it. 

Once you open the app on the main menu you should see the winCity follow-up instruction there. 

But if you wish to access the fcmb wincity promo page in a direct way. 

Then you just have to log into the fcmb mobile banking app. 

I click on the wincity instruction page, if you tap on the spin and win or the wheel you can stand a chance to win cash prizes from there like airtime also on. 

FCMB Spin And Win (Wincity)  Promo

It depends on what you actually Spain or the wheel they will bring for you that you win. 

Which can be redeemed directly straight to your fcmb account. 

As the promo has been designed in a unique way that will gain you access if you actually carry out some transaction on your fcmb account through the App. 

Other Things To Know 

  1. FCMB inactive customers and the people that this promo or contest campaigns our design for. 
  2. Each customer is expected to do some transactions with their fcmb account on the mobile app so as to gain access to the campaign. 
  3. At least two transactions need to be done before you should be able to gain access to the spin and win promo. 
  4. You can carry out certain transactions like buying airtime and paying bills. 
  5. Other transactions like doing some bank transfers and purchasing data. 
  6. You can actually redeem your reward by using the redeem button that is set aside with the cash price which should be credited to your account. 
  7. The amount of transactions you carry out when using your FCMB account varies on how many times you can gain access to the winCity promo and keep spinning to win more cash prizes. 


We’ve come to an end of the FCMB spin and win promo discussion, in which you can proceed to partake in the campaign and spin the wheel to win your own reward that has been set aside for FCMB Customers. 

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