How To Get Notification When Someone Is Tracking Your Phone 2023

Here is a new feature that is powered up with a smartphone and not just a normal phone it works most for Samsung or Android users the Unknown Tracker alert feature will let you get a notification when someone is tracking you which is why is better to know how to get notification when someone is tracking your phone in 2023.

 This feature is the latest tech features or we call it new tech tips you should know that your phone will support in 2023.

You can now know how to get notifications when someone is tracking your Samsung phone or Android phone in general. 

The feature is called the Unknown Tracker Alert which was recently discovered on Android but if we find out about the features on iOS or iPhone devices we will also try to bring that to your notice. 

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Now let’s dive into the best part of this post. 

The Unknown Tracker Alert Features 

It’s a new feature that you will know how to activate on your device below. 

Once you activate the unknown tracker alert features you will get a notification when someone is tracking your phone anytime legally or illegally just to be more security conscious. 

The notification tracker alerts you will work with Bluetooth and it says to get the update of such or any tracking in 48 hours after activation. 

Is one of the security and privacy features you should activate on your phone in 2023 if you have not done so is better to get that done now using the guide below. 

How To Activate The Unknown Tracker Alert Feature On Your Phone 

Once you activate it you will get a notification once anybody is tracking or trying to track you through your phone. 

Now make use of the following steps to get that done. 

  1. Goto your phone settings using the notification section or setting app. 
  2. This works for Android users or Samsung users in specific. 
  3. Find The Option setting “Safe And Emergency” Option. 
    How To Activate The Unknown Tracker Alert Feature On Your Phone 
  4. Tap on it, from the list you should find the “Unknown Tracker Alert” Click on it. 
  5. Then allow it using the button provided by toggle it on. 
    Unknown Tracker Alert
  6. You should be prompted from there to make use of your device or phone Bluetooth. 
  7. You can scan from there if you have anybody tracking your device. 
  8. And you will also get a notification if an unknown tracker is traveling with you. 

The feature is one of the best 2023 updates for mobile phone or smartphone safety and emergency. Followed by some best security features you can get on any phone. 

Bottom Line

We will keep sharing different tech tips on various Android phones and Samsung which the iOS users or iPhone tips are not also A-side. 

Share the kind of experience you have with these features and let us know if it is helpful or awful below in the discussion section. 

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