Project Slayers Discord Server Link & Private Server

If you have been looking for anything relating to Project slayers discord server link and their private server that can also be followed up with their trading hub which you can also get their private server code then you are on the right full page. 

On this page, we are going to be sharing with you the best project slayer discord server that you can join without any need to struggle to gain access to this particular server on Discord

About Project Slayers

As the name implies Project Slayers is a game where you can go ahead and Discover small villages, scary mountain forests, and large cities which you need to make value with your friends and Enemies in this particular game. 

Is an adventure game in which you can choose from the character to go against humanity or choose to aid humanity which we need to struggle with whenever you are playing this particular game. 

The kind of Adventure that this game comes with makes most people keep searching for the project Slayer discord server link that will need access to some ROBLOX game links and server rules. 

We are going to show you all you need to know about the Project Slayers discord server link and how you can get it there are major game links their server rules and some other things you need to know about their discord server

I want you to know about the gaming League from Project Slayers. Then you should have it at the back of your mind that you will need a ROBLOX account so as to enable you to play the project Slayers. 

The game link for project slayers is provided here if you don’t have a ROBLOX account you can click here to sign up for one or get one once you create a ROBLOX account you can gain access to the game link of the project Slayers. 

The new project Slayers discord server link can be found here which is also the official discord server. 

You will be provided with different and multiple channels on a discord server which range from sneak update logs information and more. 

And the server contains up to 500,000 members which is always filled up with members. 

You will also need to perform verification on the server using the verify Channel by sending or typing the message /verify

Project Slayers Discord Server Link & Private Server

What is the verification in turn will grant access to different community Channels that are available on the discord server of Project Slayers. 

The community general channel is one of the active channels that you can navigate to and chat on #community-general 

Now you have gotten the official Project Slayers discord server link this is the best time to know about the rules that are guiding the server so as not to abide by them. 

Official Project Slayers Discord Server Rules 

The rules that guide the project Slayers discord server are subdivided into three categories moderate offenses, minor offenses, and major offenses. 

We are going to be looking into some of these rules one after the other starting from the moderate offense to the major offense and the Minor offense rules of Project Slayers discord server. 

Project Slayer Discord Moderate Offenses Rules 

  • One of the moderate offenses stated that pinging or mass pinging of members is not allowed. 
  • Controversial or political discussion topics are not allowed. 
  • Staff decision-making against members in public is offensive. 
  • Breaking of Rules such as an attempt to find loopholes. 
  • Argument of staff decision in public channel. 

Once you join the discord server you will see all of the rules that fall under moderate offenses. 

Major Offenses Project Slayers Discord Server Rules 

  • Piracy is not allowed on the server. 
  • Disturbance of members’ personal information without their consent. 
  • Subjective names and pictures or banners are not allowed. 
  • Harassing someone continuously. 

There are some major offense rules you should look into once you are able to gain access to their server. 

Some minor offence rules include:

Bypassing of blacklisted word spamming stickers or emojis. 

Not going to abide by the staff orders. 

And many more which you can see once you gain access to their discord server and check on the reception or rules channel you will be able to see all the rules that you need to follow on projects slayers discord servers. 

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