Furry Discord Server Link (Nexus) 

There is this particular furry discord server you should join which we are going to share with you. It’s a public discord server that you can actually join for free. 

And if you’re one of those people who has been searching for any furry discord server that you want to join then we are going to be making a little review about one, particularly on this page. 

Furry Discord server to troll and code is this particular server that we are going to be looking into. 

Likewise, it will also provide you with a template for the furry server which you can join and start making use of on your discord. 

Furry Discord Server

The furry discord server that you should join is the one that is tagged with the name Furry Nexus which you are going to get the link below. 

It comprises over 100,000 members and at least you will always meet 20,000 online members on the discord server

Read a free discord server which one should join you will be welcome along with their rules with the saying welcome to furry Nexus. 

From there you should be provided with an option to unlock nitro which you will be shown or asked to carry out some tasks so as to get things done. 

This particular fully discord server is said to be proud of its over 100,000 users that are still counting. 

The first thing that comes out from their server is their server rules which the short edition is available for you to look into. 

Furry Discord Server Rules

They have compiled and shortlisted 9 rules that are casually addicted to the recent one that has also been edited. 

Some of the rules you will find on their discord server include:

  • Be respectful to all users. Don’t bring up any sensitive topics in the server. Don’t spoil any media. In general, don’t be a jerk!
  • Be courteous. Don’t disrupt channels conversations, don’t spam, etc. Don’t bring up anything controversial.
  • Sensitive, controversial, and offensive content isn’t allowed anywhere within the server.
  • All channels are PG13/SFW. Do not post anything suggestive or NSFW inside of the server.
  • Don’t start drama within our server and don’t bring outside drama into the server.
  • Don’t intentionally leak personal information or attempt to leak someone else’s without their consent.
  • Read and respect channel pins/headers. Some channels have their own specific rule sets which are noted in those areas.
  • Cooperate with staff. We’re here to help and keep things running smoothly.
  • Don’t advertise your discord server within the server or another user’s DMs without consent

Once you read these particular rules you will then need to read the full server rules that have their sub-heading starting from the respectful to all users. 

And from there you should be asked to look into this Customs of service which is also part of their rules. 

Once you are done with this option or section and you have read their rules follow up with full rules,  short version rules, punishment matrix discord TOS, and so on. 

Then you can navigate to the channels that are available on the server which you can look into yourself below once you get your hands on their discord server link

After you click here you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to accept an invite to the folder discord server. 

Furry Discord Server Link

If you’re on mobile you’ll be related to your discord app,  and if you’re on desktop make sure you accept the invite on a browser that you are blogging your discord on before. 

After you accept it you will be you will need to see all the first things you will see in the #welcome-and-rules channel. 

Then follow up with some other channels under information to keep up-to-date events, new user admin personal Office staff voice channels, and so on. 

Every channel has a sub-channel that includes #server-faq under information, #guest-chatroom under New users, and more. 

You can join the server yourself and notice what you have to notice there is no need for any verification for you to carry out some process on the server. 

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