Good Discord Server Rules to Pick from: A List of Catchy and Formal Ideas

Discord servers are a great way to build communities and connect with like-minded individuals. However, as the number of people using Discord grows, it becomes increasingly important to have good server rules in place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of rules on Discord servers, their purpose, and share some catchy and formal ideas for good Discord server rules. So whether you’re a server owner or just someone who enjoys using Discord, read on to learn more! Let’s jump right in.

How to add Rules to Discord Server

To begin, you’ll need to convert your server into a community server. Just follow these simple steps:

Enable the Community feature:

It’s like adding a little community flavor to your server. Just click that “Enable Community” button and you’re good to go.

Complete Safety Checks:

Safety first, folks! Make sure your email address is verified and switch on that “Explicit Media Content Filter.” We don’t want any spicy content sneaking its way in.

Set up rules and guidelines channel:

The backbone of any good Discord server is a solid set of rules. Use the drop-down menus to create a rules or guidelines channel. Don’t have one? No worries, just choose “Create one for me.”

Set up community updates channel:

Keeping everyone in the loop is important. Again, use the drop-down menus to create a community updates channel. Simple, right?

Add Rules to Discord Server

Now that your server is a fully-fledged community server, it’s time to add some rules. Here’s how you can do it:

Launch the Discord app:

Ready, set, Discord! Open up the web or  app and sign in to your account. 

Navigate to server settings:

Locate your community server, click on its name, and select “Server Settings.” 

Access Membership Screening:

Under the “Community” section on the left sidebar, you’ll find a shining gem called “Membership Screening.” Click on it and let the magic happen.

Add rules to ‘Rules’ channel:

Once you’ve got your rules all typed up or you can copy from the rules provided in this article, it’s time to give them a permanent home. Copy and paste them into the newly created ‘Rules’ channel. And don’t forget to pin them for easy access!

How to force new members to agree to your rules

If you want new members to agree to your rules before joining the server, membership screening is the way to go. Here’s how to enable it:

Access Server Settings:

Right-click on your server name at the top-left corner and select “Server Settings.” We’re heading back to the control center.

Activate ‘Members must accept rules’ toggle:

Navigate to ‘Onboarding’ under the ‘Community’ section and click on ‘DM and Spam Protection.’ There you’ll find the glorious ‘Members must accept rules before they can talk or DM’ toggle. Turn it on and there you go.

General Rules

Discord servers have become a hub for communication among various communities. To ensure that the environment remains friendly and safe, good Discord server rules need to be put in place. These rules serve as guidelines for members to follow and help server owners maintain order.

No Impersonation: Impersonating developers, moderators, or other users is strictly forbidden.

Be Kind and Respectful: The most important rule is to be kind and respectful to others. Toxicity is not allowed.

No Fake Identities: Any sort of fake identity is not allowed.

No Advertising without Permission: Server owners need to be informed before any advertising is done.

No Roleplaying: Roleplaying is not allowed.

No Raiding: Raiding is not allowed. Anything to target specific groups or individuals is prohibited.

No Hate Speech: Discriminatory language and hate speech is forbidden.

Stay on Topic: Remain on topic and use the channels correctly.

Follow Staff Instructions: Listen to the server’s staff and follow their instructions.

Use Appropriate Channels: Use the appropriate channels for discussion.

Messaging Rules

When it comes to messaging on Discord, it is important to keep in mind the following rules to maintain a positive and respectful environment:

No mic spamming.

No voice channel recording.

Refrain from discussing hacking or cheating.

No sharing links to scam websites.

No spoilers allowed.

No adult or non-PG topics. 

Avoiding XP-grinding.

No spamming messages or emojis.

No copy and pasting allowed.

Excessive use of Discord stickers not allowed.

Avoid mass mentioning or pinging staff members.

By following these messaging rules, members can help promote a welcoming and enjoyable environment for everyone on the server.

Trading and Selling Rules

Let’s get straight to the point.

No trading.

No selling.

No begging.

No boosting.

No account sharing.

No illegal distribution of unlicensed material.

No selling of ANY kind.

If you’re caught breaking any of these rules, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Our server is a safe space for everyone, and we aim to keep it that way. So, let’s all be respectful and follow the rules. No exceptions.


Importance of following rules on Discord server: It is crucial to follow the rules on a Discord server to ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone. By following rules, members can be encouraged to engage positively, have civil discussions, and be respectful towards each other. Rules also serve as a guide for new members to understand the expectations of the server, its purpose, and the values it promotes. 

Good server rules are the backbone of a successful Discord community. It is essential to promote an environment that encourages positive engagement while maintaining safety and order. By having rules in place, members can understand what is expected of them, and server owners can create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Remember that the goal is to create a community, and therefore, the rules should be in line with the purpose and values of the server.

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