How to Fix Tinder Messages Not Showing 2023 (Fixed) 

You might have come across this problem with your Social Media account called Tinder which you would like to fix. That is why I will come about such a related article as How to Fix Tinder Messages Not Showing 2023.

We are going to be sharing with you different kinds of steps that can help you solve this problem you might have been texting with your Tinder app or Tinder account. 

You should also be notified and get notice of what might be causing the problem of Tinder messages not showing in 2023.

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Tinder Messages Not Showing 

These are some of the common issues that most people or most users that make use of Tinder face on a casual basis. 

On The day my account Tinder messages failed to deliver or arrive on time, you don’t need to worry anymore if you are one of those people that are facing such an issue. 

Now let us know what actually causes Tinder messages not to show problems so all that will lead us to the way on how we can get the problem fixed. 

What Causes Tinder Messages Not Showing Error

Whenever you notice that your Tinder messages refuse to show up and it brings some kind of confusion or it does not allow you to engage in conversation on your matches. 

And this kind of issue always comes around with different kinds of free devices that are making use of the Tinder app either on iOS or Android-related devices. 

This might make their users wander around and notify them if Tinder messages are going which is some kind of a technical glitch that can be gotten fixed within some steps. 

There are different kinds of changes that may occur which might cause the error to start coming up or you should experience some problems on your Tinder which are:

Internet Connection 

If you are based in an area where you have such an internet connection that is poor or weak, that’s my thanks to being unstable which may trigger or which won’t allow the data connection to flow smoothly. 

This may interact with or interrupt the Tinder server which won’t allow it to bring up your messages and will not properly synchronize with your data connection. 

This might make the message tab display in an unusual way that leads to Tinder messages not showing a problem. 

So for you to avoid such you will need to make sure that your internet connection is not poor and it’s stable so as to make everything flow smoothly. 

Tinder App Latest Version 

One of the major problems that also cause the tinder messages not to show the issue is people making use of the outdated version of the Tinder app. 

A major update that has been made to many apps is to fix some related bugs and fix some glitches which might also trigger an update to the messages that are not showing. 

So to avoid such an act it is always recommended to update your Tinder app to the latest version so as to make things work well for you when you are making use of the app. 

Account Policy Violation 

If your Tinder account violates tinder’s terms of service that may cause your account to be under suspension or flagged by the platform which might also stop your message or stop you from seeing messages on Tinder due to the account policy violation. 

The best way to fix this kind of problem is to stay aware of the community guidelines of Tinder so as not to get your account banned flag or suspended. 


Some other settings that have been done on the app Tinder can also stop you from seeing messages which might have been added to the battery optimization option. 

So as to stop the app from draining a lot of battery from your device, you can just go ahead to turn off the optimization option that has been set on your battery under settings. 

Then you should get the Tinder messages not showing errors or issues fixed in that way. 

How to Fix Tinder Messages Not Showing 2023

There are major ways that you can use to solve or fix the Tinder messages not showing error which some of the best 2023 steps we are going to share with you are:

Internet Connection 

As we mentioned earlier, poor internet connection can disrupt many things, even not only things on your device, making sure to have a good network connection and enough data to power up the app will save you from seeing such or facing such problems as Tinder messages not showing on your device. 

Option 

If you face any issue related to this problem or if you wish to know how to fix Tinder messages not showing an option the best way is to play around with the sign-in option. 

If you log in before it is recommended to log out and log in back so as to make the Tinder account refresh and Trigger to refresh some other settings. 

There is part of the refresh option that has been added to your Tinder account which can help you solve some other issues you might be facing apart from the messages not showing a problem. 

Tinder App Update Version 

Getting the updated version of the Tinder app can also save you from experiencing different kinds of bugs on your Tinder app. 

When you update the app it will be updated to the latest version and many bugs have been fixed or should have been fixed on the latest release version that can help you also fix the messages not showing issues on Tinder. 

Cache & Data

The temporary memory called cache, which saves temporary tinder that is observed, can also cause such an issue, once you clear it by long-pressing on the app and visiting the app setting option. 

You should be able to see clear cache & data,  Clear the settings both, you get that done you will be logged out from the app and you will need to login back. 

That should be one of the following things or steps you need to follow so as to solve the error or clear the error on your Tinder app. 

Notification Settings 

Notification settings of your Tinder app are also one of the settings you should check so as to fix the Tinder messages not showing the issue. 

You can also make use of the long press option or visit your notification settings option and find Tinder then allow some additional settings for notification so as to allow it to work smoothly on your device. 

Tinder Support 

If you feel like you can do anything else on your device or you were unable to solve the problem the listed steps are listed procedures that we have provided above. 

Then the next thing is to contact Tinder support and tell them the kind of problem you are facing with their app alternatively you can just go ahead to restart your phone or your device either Android or iOS which might also help you to solve the problem or issue you are facing relating to message not showing on your tinder. 

Final Say

With the few 2023 steps procedures that we have here with you above you should be able to use them to fix the message not showing which is one of the best ways to fix messages not showing on Tinder in 2023.

Let us know below in a discussion section if it actually solves some other problems you are facing on Tinder when you are trying to make use of the app. 

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