How To Put A Time Limit On How Long You Spend Using An App On Android 

If you have an Android phone and you wish to set some limitations on how you make use of some apps, well then this article got you covered with how to put a time limit on how long you spend on some apps on your Android phones

This should also help you to look into how to spend time limits for some apps on your Android phone. 

Setting a time limit on some major apps on Android will allow or help you and also restrict you from spending more time on that particular app. 

When you are given notice or notified that you have reached a time limit you need to spend on that particular app, you set a time limit to get to the main point or best part of this article. 

How To Setup Time Limit For App On Android Phone 

If you want to set a limit for how long you spend on an app on an Android phone all you need is to just follow the steps we will share with you below. 

  1. Go to your phone settings and scroll down till you find Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls. 
  2. Click on that setting option and you will be provided with a dashboard. 
  3. The dashboard contains how long you’ve spent on some apps and some other information. 
  4. If you wish to set a time limit on a particular app. 
  5. All you need to do is scroll down and find the App Timer option setting. 
  6. Click on it and select the app you wish to set a time limit to. 
  7. For example, set a time limit for how long you spend on Facebook
  8. Select Facebook from the app timer app list and click on set timer. 
  9. Which will allow you to set up a timer for the Facebook app you just selected. 
  10. From there you can set up how many minutes, or hours you wish to spend on Facebook. 
  11. Once you’ve set the limit using the app timer setup and you’ve reached the limit. 
  12. You will be provided with a notification that you have reached the limit of time you can spend on that app. 
  13. The app will close providing you with different options like if you wish to reset the time limit or timer. 
  14. And you can just click on Close app or Set another time for today. 
  15. That’s just how you can set up a time limit for any app on your Android phone,  in some cases, you might want to go and open the app from your Android or phone menu. 

If you try that you will be provided with the same notification that you have still reached a time for that app. 

Wrapping Up

If you wish you can still proceed to change the time limit of the app you set a limit to or you can just turn it off using the same process. Easy and straightforward. 

That is just how you can set up limit usage for every or any app on your Android. 

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