How Tall Is Alex EuBank Age, Height, And Weight 

This article will help you know more about the fitness influencer and YouTuber Alex Eubank if you know or if you wish to know how tall Alex Eubank is follow up with the age, height, and weight. 

Alex Eubank is an influencer of Zone Fitness and a YouTuber known for the lifestyle of presenting himself as a fitness influencer on YouTube and Omegle based in the United States. 

He is famous for providing Omegle YouTube videos and trying to ask different girls which of his body types they prefer. 

One of his video titles or one of these videos houses over 2 million views on YouTube houses a title asking girls if they like fit guys or dad bods. 

In this post, you can gather some knowledge about Alex Eubank, his height, his biography, wiki, career, and more. 

How Tall Is Alex Eubank (Height and Weight) 

According to some records, Alex Eubank has 77 KG in weight 170 lbs, and 177 CM in height 5,10 which can be used to mention how tall he is. 

He was born on 23rd May 2000 and based in United States Maryland which claims that his lifestyle is 5% body fat in nature. 

The measurement of Alex’s weight and height can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. The estimation that has been figured out should not be said to be perfect, more or less, is like a temporary result of Alex Eubank. 

How Tall Is Alex Eubank (Height and Weight) 

Profession (Career)  

Alex Eubank Profession is said to be a fitness influencer, Youtuber, and bodybuilder which can be used to house his career. 

You can get him from various top social media platforms like

Instagram @alex_eubank15 with 2M+ followers. 

YouTube @alexeubank2.0 1M+ followers 

And Tiktok @alexeubank2.0 1M+ followers as well. 

You can get more info about looking into his various social media handles. 

Alex Eubank Data

NameAlex Eubank
Date Of  Birth 23 May 2000
Base InUnited State
Career Fitness influencer, Bodybuilder, Youtuber 
How TallCheck The Weight & Height Section 
Height 177CM 5’10
Weight 77kg, 170 Ibs

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